Even on your holiday you will most likely need to know what the time is on occasions. Here is a basic guide to help you understand Thai time language.

Let’s start at midnight, “thiang kheun“.

Between 1am and 5am it is “tii” followed by the corresponding hours number; tii neung, tii sawng, tii saam, tii sii and tii haa.

From 6am to 11am it is the hours number followed by “mohng chao“.
Hok mohng chao, jet mohng chao, paet mohng chao, gao mohng chao, sip mohng chao, sip-et mohng chao.

Thai Time

Midday is “thiang” and 1pm is “bai mohng“.

From 2pm to 5pm it is bai, then the hours number, “mohng“.  2pm is Bai sawng mohng, 3pm is bai saam mohng, 4pm is bai sii mohng, 5pm is bai haa mohng.

6pm is “hok mohng yen”.

7pm to 11pm is not quite as easy to follow. Here the numbers commence at one and are followed by “thum“. 7pm is “neung thum”, 8pm is “sawng thum”,  9pm is “saam thum”, 10pm is “sii thum” and 11pm is “haa thum”.


Good luck, and if you get confused or forget these times, try using the 24 hour clock, many Thai’s will understand.
Remember if you are a little late, “mai pen rai”, it is Thai Time!

see you at 10am

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