The Royal Thai Government has launched a new 1111 helpline to assist tourists or receive complaints from foreigners in Thailand.
This new helpline is in addition to the existing 1155 Tourist Police Call Centre for emergencies.thailand hotline


HELPLINE – Non Emergency Matters 1111

For non emergency matters, foreigners are advised to call 1111.
The centre, open 24 hours, is staffed by representatives from all 20 ministries to ensure prompt assistance and response for foreigners in Thailand.
Complaints received will be coordinated through the centre to related government agencies, state enterprises, and non-governmental organisations.


In case of emergency, foreigners are advised to dial 1155. The 24-hour Tourist Police Call Centre is ready to offer assistance to both tourists and foreign residents in Thailand. There will be interpreters on standby to receive all emergency calls. If the pressing cases are beyond the centre’s jurisdiction, they will be referred to the respective government agencies.


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