Thailand’s Richest 2016



The top 4 richest people/families in Thailand have a staggering combined wealth of $54.9 billion. Three of these fortunes have been amassed in the food and beverage industries.
The top 20 richest are listed below:


Thai Beverage, owned by the richest individual, Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, is the manufacturer of Chang and Archa Beer, market leading distilled spirits, Sangsom rum, Mekhong Thai spirit and Ruang Khao white spirit.

The international division of Thai Bev has a large range of whisky, vodka, gin and blended spirit brands that are detailed here. Thai Bev also manufacture non-alcoholic beverages such as Oishi teas (Oishi restaurants) and Chang drinking water.

Number 4 on the list is Chalerm Yoovidhya who is the son of Chaleo Yoovidhya, the creator of Krating Daeng (กระทิงแดง) and was co-creator of the Red Bull brands of energy drinks.

The next 46 wealthiest people/families in Thailand, numbers 5 to 50, have a combined wealth of around $52.3 billion.
This combined total is $2.6 billion less than the combined wealth of the top four richest people.

The top 50 richest people in Thailand are listed below:


Forbes magazine made the calculations based on “shareholding and financial information obtained from the families and individuals, stock exchanges and analysts, the Stock Exchange of Thailand and regulatory agencies. Unlike our billionaire rankings, this list encompasses family fortunes, including those shared among extended families of multiple generations. Public fortunes were calculated based on stock prices and exchange rates as of May 20. Private companies were valued based on comparisons with similar companies that are publicly traded.”
More detailed information is available at Forbes magazine.



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