ARKbar – Restaurant

ARKbar - Restaurant The chefs, cooks and helpers inside the 2 ARKbar kitchens, prepare between 1,500 and 2,500 individual meals every day of the year. Serving that many meals suggests two things; 1. The quality and taste must be very good 2. The ingredients must be very fresh Click on the ARKbar menu to see what meals are … Continue reading ARKbar – Restaurant

Chaweng Beach – Koh Samui

Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui has been regarded as one of the best tropical beaches in the world for many years and by many people. The distances below have been measured from Island Info, inside ARKbar, so adjust your estimated travelling distance accordingly Some of the quieter areas along Chaweng Beach Dining on Chaweng Beach Dining … Continue reading Chaweng Beach – Koh Samui

A Fisherman’s Morning in Koh Samui

Rarely in Koh Samui, do I rise early enough to see sights like I witnessed this morning at what I consider the border of Banrak Beach and Big Buddha Beach. Big Buddha is not in sight, but is a mere 100 metres from here. There is no need for me to say too much. The … Continue reading A Fisherman’s Morning in Koh Samui

Monkey Business in Koh Samui

Prepared by Island Info, Koh Samui The "Full Moon Party Experts" Koh Samui, Thailand’s third-largest island, is blessed with remarkable natural beauty, from the stunning coastline, warm tropical water and sandy beaches to the mountainous tropical rain-forest hinterland. Both were, and still are, the major source of income and food for many local Thai's. The surrounding clear and clean waters are … Continue reading Monkey Business in Koh Samui

Samui International Airport – Island Info, Koh Samui, Thailand

Samui Airport Transport Charges are...

Full Moon Party Photos by Island Info

A unique collection of Full Moon Party Photos Island Info is located inside ARKbar Beach Resort, Koh Samui. Next to the new reception area. Photos collected from the worlds biggest beach party, Click here for more info about Koh Phangan. Click here for more info about the Full Moon Party  Click here for info about Island Info, … Continue reading Full Moon Party Photos by Island Info

Full Moon Party – Transport and Boat Safety

arranged transport to and from the Full Moon Party for over 20,000 party animals and 3 book-worm's over the last 4 years....