Come with us now, we will take you on a tour of the best Thai Boxing Stadium in the South of Thailand, Phetch Buncha Muay Thai Boxing Stadium.

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Phetch Buncha – Free Transport

FREE TRANSPORT - Island Info guarantees to sell the ticket at the same door price charged at Petch Buncha Stadium - The tickets must be purchased no later than 2 hours before the nights scheduled program - It is usually a 9pm start, so tickets must be purchased before 7pm - The FREE transport is … Continue reading Phetch Buncha – Free Transport

ARKbar – Pool Party

ARKbar is in the heart of Chaweng with over 100 metres of beach front that transforms from sunbeds and beach towels during the day to a restaurant and party venue at night. The "Up For It" party crowd are always looking to make new friends and have a good time dancing to the latest beats being … Continue reading ARKbar – Pool Party

Full Moon Party Location


Koh Samui – Hospitals

HOSPITALS IN KOH SAMUI There are 5 major hospitals in Koh Samui. The 4 private hospitals and the public hospital all have well-trained doctors and nurses. As in any business, yes the public hospitals are businesses, you get what you pay for. The more you pay, the better the service, decor, equipment, food and so on. The doctor … Continue reading Koh Samui – Hospitals

Samui Football Golf

Samui Football Golf , full of laughs and surprisingly challenging, is a fantastic outdoor activity that's fun for families, friends or couples. No experience or expensive equipment is needed and the game is played with modified golf rules. Tee off by kicking the football with either foot, towards well manicured greens and a hole large … Continue reading Samui Football Golf