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Island Info Samui is centrally located inside ARKbar Beach Resort, Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui

Real People – Real Service

Island Info Samui has arranged Full Moon Party transport for over 37,000 party animals and countless tours to Koh Phangan, Koh Tao + Ang Thong National Marine Park.
Established in 2009, Island Info Samui are the undisputed “Full Moon Party Experts”
and Samui’s leading Travel, Ticket & Tour Agency.


What can ISLAND INFO SAMUI help you with?

Tickets and Transport – Full Moon Party – Half Moon Party – Jungle Experience
• Tours of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao & Ang Thong National Marine Park
• Local activities include: football golf, bungy jumping, jet-ski packages, elephant riding or treks, ATV adventures, go-kart racing, jungle safari’s, golf, diving, sightseeing, tree-top cable rides, roller-ball & much more
• Advice or Information about local shoppingKoh Samui airport or night markets

island info shop



All the Island Info staff speak English, so communication is easy!

There is no time-wasting or frustration at Island Info Samui!
We have a total of 30 years work experience in Koh Samui, add to that our ARKbar experience and the result is Island Info Samui is the most informative and trusted travel and tour agency on the Island.

Some of the Activities available from Island Info

Ang Thong National Marine Park, one of the Tours available from Island Info Samui

Some of the thousands of “Happy Island Info Customers

Island Info Samui are on-site at the speedboat departure point every Full Moon Party.
If you need assistance,  look for the Island Info Samui guide, they will be wearing the Island Info t-shirt.

Speedboat Safety Inspection

Chaweng Beach Info
Lamai Beach Info
Choeng Mon Beach Info

Beaches in Koh Samui, Thailand

 Details of the Island Info Speedboat Safety Inspections

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ARKbar Beach and Pool Party’s

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ARKbar Pool Party – EVERY DAY!!




17 thoughts on “Island Info Samui

  1. Dear Neena, Terry, Johan and Stunny

    Nice to meet you 4 ppl. !!! I come from Hong Kong. I would like to book 1 day tour of
    1. AngThong Marine National Park+ Kayak including Island fee Big Shop transfer hotel go to pier and pier return to hotel in 1 Mar 2015) +
    2. pickup Service from Koh Samui Airport to Hathai Hotel (Lamai) (PG 876 11:10 Arrival Koh Samui Airport 28 Feb 2015)

    Could you please provide the total fee (1+2) for me? Thanks !!

    P.S. As my hotel in Lamai Island which is not near to your shop. I would like to pay all fee in the aiport. Please kindly arrange and bring the receipt for us thanks a lot

    Mr Mak


  2. Hi Neena,

    This is our 3rd trip to ark bar and would like to check with you in regards of transportation and also hotel booking in ark bar.

    Appreciate you could get back to me via email so we could discuss further.

    Thanks and regard


  3. Our company would like to promote Thailand and Koh Samnui
    I was wondering if you would be so kind as to provide me with a listing of travel agencies which promote
    Thailand or koh Samui with tours,packages etc…
    Thank you in advance for your help.
    at your disposal for any further information if necessary.
    Best Regards
    Porntape Nanakhon
    Asian Market
    Marc Durand
    General Manager
    Chor Chang Villa Resort


    • Hello Amy,
      Thank you for your message.
      Booking transport to go to the Full Moon Party is very easy. You do not need to book in advance. The best way to book is to come to the Island Info Samui shop, it is centrally located inside ARKbar Beach Resort in Chaweng. We can discuss the best times for you to arrive at the Party and give you your tickets in person.
      What date do you arrive in Koh Samui?
      Best Regards,
      Island Info Samui


  4. Hello,

    First of all, thank you for your website. It is very comforting to find such good information, and I am sure I will be using your services this coming January.

    I have heard horror stories in general (not about island info) about the speedboat service. Super long waits, super disorganized (unlike a first-come-first-serve service) and dangerous rides. It looks like ferrys are by far safer than speedboats.

    What do you say about the wait and speedboat vs. ferrys?

    Thank you!


    • A very good question. The answer is complicated because it depends on many things, such as, where you are leaving from, are you staying overnight or longer, are you returning the same night and so on. Because of these variables, what is the correct answer for 1 person may not be correct for another.
      You are spot on with your observations and comments regarding a less than adequate service, I am happy to say that the speedboat experience is going through a transformation. The safety issues have been addressed and all normal safety measures are being adhered to. The transport to the party is timely and rarely late. Coming back is more difficult because it is impossible to book times for the return journey, although I will be testing an new system over the next few months. There can be a wait, depending upon the time you want to return and the time of the year, for the return journey. There are VIP tickets available that do get you onto the next available boat when returning.
      Until I know your exact travel plans and preferences, it is impossible to advise you on taking the speedboat or ferry.
      Feel free to ask more questions or contact me personally via our Facebook page.


  5. Hello I’m coming in a few months and would like to know if it is very easy to book a tour to Koh Nangyuan and if so how much am I looking at paying? Any answer would be much appreciated Thanks Danny


    • Hi Danny, thank you for your message. It is very easy to book the tour to Koh Nang Yuan. Simply come to our office the day before you want to go and we will show you the various tour options and prices. The average price is around 1200 baht. The whole process will take around 10 minutes.
      We are next to the main ARKbar reception in Chaweng.
      See you soon 🙂


  6. Hi guys,

    Myself and a friend are traveling in SE Asia in May Vietnam Cambodia and Thailand. We want to make the full moon party on the 21st but have a tight schedule And plan to arrive in Bangkok early on the 20th, how would you advised we get to you? Can you advised places to stay for a few nights? Can you contact us regarding transport and entry to the full moon party on the 21st?



    • Hi Alex, If you like to party, stay at ARKbar Beach Resort in Chaweng or close to there. You can find me and our shop next to ARKbar reception. Every taxi driver knows ARKbar, so you will have no trouble finding the hotel or us.
      Cheers, Terry


  7. Hi there, I’m just wondering how much a return journey for 5 people is from ark bar to the full moon party on the 19th June, and what time the last boat is to there and the times of the return journey?



    • Hi Christian, the return journey from ARKbar to the Full Moon Party is 1,000 Thai Baht per person. This includes the express transport to the speedboats, the return speedboat to Koh Phangan and the van back to ARKbar. It does not include the 100 baht Party Entry Fee that is payable only in Koh Phangan.


  8. Hi looking at options for private boat/yacht hire for a bachelor party in koh samui for next Friday the 21st of April




    • Hi James, yes, there are many boat charters are available. Can you please tell me the number of guests that will be on the boat and if you require a full day or half day.
      Cheers, Terry


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