Central Festival – Koh Samui


Central Festival – Koh Samui

Central Festival, Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui is now open.
It is located between the main Beach road and the Lake road and is accessible from both sides.

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CENTRAL FESTIVAL-Floor Plan-Directory-Koh Samui-Island Info Samui-Thailand-Floor 2-floor 1-shopping-dining


Shopping-samui-Island Info - Central-Festival-Koh-Samui


central festival floor plan

Store Directory and List of Retailers
central festival logo 312493681_865547460231262_2379930070150187442_o



Shopping-samui-Island Info - Central-Festival-Koh-Samui

10294303_546763098776368_1198387664296363563_nIsland Info - Central Festival - Koh Samui.9

23rd July 2013 – Update

Photos taken today of the Information Centre and the surrounding area on level 1 inside “the birdcage” at Central Festival Plaza, Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui.

Central Festival-Koh Samui-Information-Thailand-Island Info Samui-Shopping
Central Festival-Koh Samui-Information-Thailand-Island Info Samui-Shopping-w2
Central Festival-Koh Samui-Information-Thailand-Island Info Samui-Shopping-3
Central Festival-Koh Samui-Information-Thailand-Island Info Samui-Shopping-4
Here are the amazing photos of the clearing of the land and the
building progress from start to finish. (click the info tab below)
List Of Stores and Directory

Koh Samui on Facebookkoh samui sign -thongs-palm.wide

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