10 Reasons to Keep Calm & Visit Koh Samui


Due to the current political situation in the Kingdom of Thailand, there have been many questions asked regarding personal safety and security in Koh Samui. The answers to your questions are listed below and should assist you when deciding on your next holiday destination. To avoid potential collaboration and cover-up’s, we decided to question everyone who may have these elusive answers at the crack of dawn, all on the same day.  Our focus was on “speed and surprise”! We collectively pledged to not just scratch the surface, but to dig, yes dig, dig until there is no further to dig. If successful, we would reveal and distribute these answers in an accurate and concise fashion, forever relieving your mind of these sordid question marks that are currently clouding your every thought. We researched Thai history, we quizzed the locals, we grilled some of those in authority, we roasted others, we even had a quiet whisper in the ear of a Buddhist Monk.
Here are the answers to your questions….

Is there any chance of things “KICKING OFF” in Koh Samui? 

Yes, almost every night there is a party “kicking off” somewhere in Koh Samui.
These parties have resulted in many sleepless nights and some serious hangovers…. many more are expected. “Sangsom Buckets“, “Vodka-Red Bull Buckets” and “Local Beers” are all claiming responsibility for these headaches

Island Info Samui, Party, Beach, Pool, ARKbar, Koh Samui
Photo Credit: Aek ArkBar
Island Info Samui, Party, Beach, Pool, ARKbar, Koh Samui
Photo Credit: Aek ArkBar

Is there any risk of being shot at while in Koh Samui?

Yes there is a 99.99% chance of being shot while you are in Koh Samui.
You will be shot at by water pistols, hoses and water blasters on numerous occasions during the Songkran Water Festival, held in April every year

Island Info Samui, Songkran, Water Fight, Tours, Party4.

Island Info Samui, Songkran, Water Fight, Tours, Party.6

Island Info Samui, Songkran, Water Fight, Tours, Party.3

Is it scary in Koh Samui now? 

YES, once a month, at the time of the Full Moon Party, Koh Samui becomes “very scary”.
You will see evil face-painting that will haunt you all night. You will jump over and around red hot flames that miss you by inches. You will see sights that you thought were only rumours! 

Scary at the Full Moon Party


Is there likely to be physical contact while I am in Koh Samui?

YES, we guarantee you will be exposed to physical contact during your holiday in Koh Samui.
We recommend physical contact at any of the high quality spa’s in Koh Samui. Physical contact is unavoidable in Koh Samui’s famous nightlife district, when dancing and partying at venues such as ARKbar, Sound Club, Bar Solo, Cha Cha Moon, Reggae Pub, Bondi and Green Mango. A welcome handshake from the local tailors is also most likely.

Massage, massages, island info;

Koh samui, Nightlife, Bars, Island Info, Solo

Cha Cha moon


Is the atmosphere fiery in Koh Samui now?

YES, we can guarantee a fiery time in Koh Samui every night of the week.
The talented fire-show exponents on Chaweng and Lamai beaches are high-class, spectacular and always fiery

Full Moon Party, Island Info Samui, Transport
Danger, Danger, flames galore

Is there a danger of having explosions in Koh Samui?

ARKbar, fireshows, party, chaweng, beach
Photo Credit: Aek ArkBar

YES, every night there are explosions on the beach, in Koh Samui.
These explosions are remembered forever, physically harmless and met with applause

ARKbar, fireshows, party, chaweng, beach
Photo Credit: Aek ArkBar

Is it dangerous in Koh Samui now?

Yes, the danger of getting “Thai Ring Sting” is high all year round in Koh Samui.
Consumption of certain Thai meals, such as som tum, pad grapow and tom yum, all of which are loaded with large amounts of hot chilli are the main cause of “Thai Ring Sting”. The majority of locals are now immune, however, most tourists will experience some level of discomfort the morning after eating these meals

Red-Chilli-danger, hot, samui, island info samui
tom yum goong, island info samui, hot, chilli, danger

som tum, papaya pok pok, esan, island info samui, hot, chilli, danger

Are things hotting up in Koh Samui? 

YES, it is always hot in Koh Samui, the average daily temperature is
over 30° Celsius, but there are plenty of options available to cool down

Island Info Samui, Party, Beach, Pool, ARKbar, Koh Samui
Photo Credit: Aek ArkBar
Island Info Samui, Party, Beach, Pool, ARKbar, Koh Samui
Photo Credit: Aek ArkBar

Is there any fighting in Koh Samui now?

YES, on most nights you will see some fantastic Muay Thai fights
at Thailand’s leading Southern Muay Thai venue,  
Phetch Buncha Stadium, Chaweng Stadium or Lamai Stadium in Koh Samui
chaweng stadium fight night
Phetch Buncha-Stadium-Muay Thai-Chaweng Beach-Koh Samui-Thailand-Island Info.2

Muay Thai-Phetch Buncha-Stadium-Koh Samui-Thailand-Island Info-Activities.2

What is the general view on the political situation in Koh Samui?

We take a different view of life here in Koh Samui.
The views of Koh Samui are portrayed in the photographs below

Beached in Koh Samui #samui #beached #koh #samui #beachedinsamui.2

Koh_Samui_Tours_Full_Moon_Party_Island_Info_Koh Samui.2




Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand, Island Info Samui (2s)


Maenam, Koh Samui, Thailand


Island Info - Chaweng Noi

Ang Thong Natinal Marine Park - Island Info, Koh Samui14



lamai south

Island Info, Chaweng, Koh Samui at night

Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui


Island Info - Koh Samui - Coastline2


Samui Pier Resort, Banrak


Koh Samui, Map, Island Info Samui, May 2015.emf

Now you know a little more about Koh Samui in 2015
We hope to see you soon

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