UNSEEN KOH SAMUI – What a tourist does not see

amazing samui

Samui Airport - Lounge

Awaiting your arrival at Koh Samui airport is a well dressed hotel representative ready to assist with your luggage and whisk you away to the resort or hotel that you booked months earlier on-line. You are driven to your tropical Island destination along main roads and catch glimpses of the real Koh Samui, largely, reality remains unseen

Nowadays, the better resorts do everything possible to keep you “in-house” coercing you to spend your money with them. Some do it so well that your next and only journey outside the walls of the resort will be your return transport to Samui airport. Nothing wrong with that at all. It’s “up to you” as most Thai’s would say. Or, you have come to Koh Samui for the nightlife, beach parties and beaches

Island Info Samui, Party, Beach, Pool, ARKbar, Koh Samui

Island Info Koh Samui at Ark Bar Beach Resort

What remains unseen is the local lifestyle, the local culture and the reality that the average tourist spends more in 1 day than most local Thai’s earn in 1 month. 

The fishing industry is ranked the 3rd largest industry in Koh Samui.

Calm Before the Storm, Koh Samui

Preparing the locally caught fish for sun-drying

It’s a long and sometimes anxious wait for the fishermen to return to shore

At last they have returned safely


A shower is needed to wash away the sea salt and smell of fish

The coconut industry is thriving and is the second most important industry in Koh Samui


Monkeys, Coconuts, Koh Samui, Thailand,Island Info Samui




The unplanned and rapid growth of tourism, the Islands number 1 source of income, is the cause of this common and unsightly eyesore



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