Beach Vendors

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Beach Vendors
You are talking to a friend, reading a book or catching a few z’s, some movement and sound not far away grabs your attention, instantly you look in that direction……
Yes, you guessed it, it’s a beach vendor, and they are coming your way. 
What is your response?
Oh No! Not another one! I wish they would go away and leave me alone…
not another one


Great timing. Hi, great to see you again, I was just starting to feel a little hungry..
Beach VendorsThe range and quality of food is amazing. The food is guaranteed to be fresh and purchased at the early morning markets.
This is pretty much guaranteed as they have little or no refrigeration at home and simply purchase day by day.
When the food is sold out – it’s time to go home!
Beach Vendors
The corn on the cob cooking, on the BBQ in front of you, is as good as corn gets.
Can you imagine carrying that  BBQ and the food around all day in this tropical heat?
Beach VendorsThe vendor above seems to have everything except the kitchen sink.
Or, is it hidden under there somewhere?

Beach Vendors
More tasty BBQ chicken
Beach Vendors
Fresh Pineapple, and its cut into whatever shape or size you desire
Beach Vendors-Sellers-Thailand-Samui-Island Info Samui (25)
More BBQ corn. In Thai this is called “Cow port”. Thats how I say it and it seems to work ok
Beach Vendors
“Cow port”
Beach Vendors-Sellers-Thailand-Samui-Island Info Samui (36)More “cow port”. It is very popular
Beach Vendors-Thailand-Island Info-Samui
Fried Prawns
Beach Vendors-Thailand-Island Info-Samui
Various tropical fruits, such as pineapple, mango, papaya and bananas
Beach Vendors-Thailand-Island Info-Samui
Above, you can see the locally caught and dried fish, it is surprisingly delicious, but very smelly, after its time on the BBQ
Beach Vendors-Thailand-Island Info-SamuiMr. Coppa, above, is almost a living legend on Choeng Mon Beach. I have been told that some tourists return to Thailand only for Mr. Coppa’s delicacies.
Of course it’s not only food that they sell.

Beach Vendors-Thailand-Samui-Island Info Samui  (2)

You can buy almost anything on the beach in Thailand. Above there is some bartering taking place over some jewelery.
Beach Vendors
Clothing, materials, bags, caps, bikini’s are just some of the things available

Beach Vendors-Sellers-Thailand-Samui-Island Info Samui (27)
Beach Vendors
Beach VendorsBeach Vendors-Sellers-Thailand-Samui-Island Info Samui (34) Beach Vendors-Koh Samui-Thailand-Island Info SamuiMore jewelry some temporary tattoos and beach ball’s
Beach Vendors
A large selection of locally made dresses
Beach Vendors-Koh Samui-Thailand-Island Info Samui
Mobiles with a choice of hand crafted birds or insects
Beach Vendors-Koh Samui-Thailand-Island Info Samui Sometimes, it is simply far too hot and a well deserved rest is taken.
Beach Vendors-Beach Sellers-Koh Samui-Chaweng Beach-Lamai Beach-Choeng Mon Beach-Island Info Samui (z33)
Beach Vendors-Thailand-Island Info-Samui

What was your response to the earlier question? Love them or hate them?

koh samui distance map
Thank you for taking the time to read this article,
see you in Koh Samui.


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