Koh Phangan Emergency Numbers, Hospitals and Clinics

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Police: 191 (077 377 114)
Fire: 199
Tourist Police: 1155
Phangan Rescue Centre: 077 377 118

Without exception, the influx of visitors to the Island at the time of the Full Moon Party, puts an almighty strain on the available resources of many businesses and public utilities. This huge increase in demand, is due to the temporary “Full Moon” increase in the number of people on the Island. Combine this population explosion with the amount of alcohol consumed and the outcome is the medical resources get stretched to the limit.
During this period, the injuries are predominantly minor burns (received at the fire activities), twisted ankles, broken limbs and/or scratches from motor-bike accidents and from dehydration caused by general overindulgence, excessive consumption of alcohol and the warmer climate.

This monthly increase in demand has resulted in a wider range of medical options being available. Below, in no particular order, is a list of the available hospitals and clinics in Koh Phangan.


Bandon Clinic – International Hospital
Where: South East
Location: Haad Rin
Website: http://bandonhospitalsamui.com/
Tel.: 077 375 471 -2

Haad Rin Inter Clinic
Where: South East
Location: Haad Rin
Address: 116/20 Haad Rin Road, near Tesco Lotus
Tel: 077 375342, 08 1318 5085
Fax: 077 375103
koh phangan hospitals

Phangan Medical Center (Bangkok Hospital)
Where: South West
Location: Ban Tai, halfway to Haad Rin
Address: 115/12-13 Moo 1 Ban Tai
Tel : (66) 7723-9599 Fax : (66) 7723-9598
Website: http://www.samuihospital.com

koh phangan hospitals

Bangkok Hospital Samui Clinic
Where: South West
Location:Baan Tai
Tel: 077 239599
Hot Line:1719

Dr. Worawut Clinic
Where: South West
Tel: 089 621 3013

Phangan Hospital
Where: South West
Location: Haad Rin Pier
Address: Haad Rin Beach, Look for the clinic near the pier.
Tel: 077 375 103

Southland Medical Clinic
Where: South
Tel: 077 375515
Area: about 2 km north of Thongsala village on the road to Chaloklum
24 hours emergency services


Thong Nai Pan Medical Centre
North West
Address: Yai
Tel: 077238814

Siam International Clinic
Where:South West
Location: Haad Rin
Tel: 077 375521

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